Sustainable Reboard

Reboard is a carbon Smart Building Material. ¬†Reboard is an engineered panel made from waste Fiberglass Laminate (FRP) from boat manufacturing and/or decommissioned wind blades from wind farms, and a non-formaldehyde binding agent. ¬†The panel is 95% recycled content and is fully recyclable. Boardwurks’ Reboard is a cost-effective alternative to other medium and high-density panels used in the Marine and Building Materials Industry.

Boardwurks’ Sustainable Reboard



Flexure Stress

Flexural Modulus

Compressive Stress

Compressive Modulus

Water Absorption

Fastener Pull Out

ASTM D-792

ASTM D-790

ASTM D-790

ASTM C-297

ASTM C-365

ASTM 272

#10 Screw

60 lb/cuf

5,930 PSI

521,800 PSI

1,300 PSI

11,300 PSI


484 lb (#00)