hempboard building material

Hempboard is a carbon smart building material.  Hempboard building materials are engineered panels made from hemp hurd, or shiv, and a non-formaldehyde binding agent.  The panel has a 95% Sustainable Content and is fully recyclable, giving you a more environmentally friendly building material option.  It can be used in the place of particleboard and MDF, and can be used with standard connectors such as staples, nails and screws. Boards can be left raw, sealed, or painted when used indoors.  Boardwurks’ hempboards are perfect for the environmentally conscious! 



Flexure Stress

Flexural Modulus

Compressive Stress

Compressive Modulus

Water Absorption

Fastener Pull Out

ASTM D-729

ASTM D-790

ASTM D-790

ASTM C-365

ASTM C-365

ASTM C-272

ASTM D-1761

35 lb/cuf

3,250 PSI

348,680 PSI

1480 PSI

38,100 PSI


191 lb (#10)